Who Will Be The Next Bond?

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan’s successor, has been playing James Bond ever since Casino Royale in 2006. He bid adieu to the slick cars and stylish tuxedos with Spectre in 2015. Daniel Craig has not made his reluctance to step back into the role a secret, but Sony is reportedly desperate to take back the actor. Apparently, he was offered $150 million by the film house to return for two more films, an offer he turned down with no hesitation. Daniel Craig once told an interviewer he’d rather “slash his wrists” than return as the suave spy. There were reports of him in May turning down a huge sum too. Looks like Sony is getting pretty desperate. Take a hint already, will you!


In the meantime, speculation is rife as to who will play the next James Bond. There is a steady list of men and even women, who would love to take up the role of 007. While Idris Elba is the crowd favourite, he previously denied the rumours saying he’s too old for the role. At 43, it would make him the oldest debuting Bond, but, who cares! Roger Moore previously proved that a mature Bond isn’t a deal-breaker so hope still remains.


The list of contenders who ‘might’ be cast as 007 include – Tom Hiddleson, Tom Hughes, James Norton and Chris Hemsworth. Bobby Holland Hanton, an award-winning Bond stunts-man thinks Chris Hemsworth would be perfect. “The buzz, and in my opinion, is that it’s Chris Hemsworth for Bond. He would be perfect. I am not being biased in any way. I think he would be perfect for it, and he has got a fantastic English accent as everyone knows from his performance in Rush. He has obviously got the physical shape. Tom [Hiddleston] is also training and hard at it in his own gym, but Chris is in a league of his own when it comes to physique,” he told Daily Mirror.


When Chris Hemsworth was asked about it he admitted he wouldn’t turn down the role because, “I don’t know many who wouldn’t jump at that.


Sony in the meanwhile has remained completely mum about who the speculation as to who the next Bond will be.    

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