Destiny Breakers – Takes City Of Destiny By Storm!

hip hop

Youngsters from the city are leaving no stone unturned. Excelling in varied fields like entrepreneurship to stand up comedy, Vizagites for sure are on a high. With the aim of making dance popular, a group of music-loving young lads from the city, are zooming their way into a genre of music and dance – the hip hop or rap music.

Destiny Breakers Crew or DB Crew, the seven-member team, is the first such hip hop group in the city. The members being students work for dance academy as well.


Image Credit: DB Crew FB

“We found that in Vizag there are very few takers for this kind of music and dance – pop, rock, hip hop, beat boxing and B-boying unlike in the metro cities. Awareness about this genre of music is also limited and people are more interested in Bollywood and DJ music and dance. So, we are trying to make it popular by conducting free workshops, social media and shows,” said Sohail Singh Gill, the founder member of DB Crew.

The other team members are Vijay Jagadale, Nayan Krishna, M Rituraj, M Vamsi, V Avinash and K Avinash.

Wishing Destiny Breakers all the best of luckings, and hope they break the destiny of Vizag in a better way and have all the Vizagites dancing away merrily.

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