Cycling across the villages in the country to fulfill his dream

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Ankit Arora

With a dream to cover whole India on a cycle and learn about the culture of different places, especially the village places in the country, Ankit Arora has embarked on a cycling journey from Rajasthan. During his halt in Vizag, Ankith Arora speaks to YO!Vizag about his dream.

The daily routine of the traveller is to cycle to places, meet and stay with people. “We know only big cities in India, but I am traveling to learn about the village life,” says Ankit. The Bcom graduate has left his job as a journalist considering this journey to be important than anything else.

Ankith has covered 12 states, 6 union territories and 14,000 km and it was his 351 day when he set foot in Vizag.  Ankit mentions about people in Vizag who have helped him during his stay in the city. He was thankful to Vaishali More, a 48-year-old biker in the city, for her help during the 5 days. He also gave a special mention about the Telugu families who have treated him like a son and brother. ” The city of Destiny has changed my destiny for 5 days,” quoted Ankit.

Ankit’s dream is to learn about the village culture in the country and make a documentary out of it so that the children in schools will get to learn about different aspects of the countryside.

Also, the man is on a mission to create a Guinness Book of World Records by cycling 20,000 km.

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