Visakhapatnam consumer is not happy, why are the complaints piling


The Visakhapatnam consumer is not happy and the their wrath is directed against realtors and insurance companies. Not just this the but electronics companies with showrooms have many a disgruntled customer. The consumer forums have the complaints piling up and they lay the blame on slump in the market. The real estate developers make tall promises which attract the consumer and when they cannot meet the timeline, litigation floods consumer courts.

While the majority of cases piling up are real estate developers or insurance companies, 800 cases are awaiting in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. Adding to the list of woes is the case of costly, smart phones and their consequent manufacturing and service defects. People who have a penchant for mobile phones and buy them later are saddled with troubles of a service delivery falling short.

Another consumer woe is lucrative investment policies which trap a consumer in fat premium payments with delay in claims. But property claims, long delay in handing over possession of property, or unfair trade practice on account of absence of necessary approvals from the GVMC and VUDA according to Deccan Chronicle.
The Visakhapatnam consumer is an aware one and an unrelenting one. They demand justice as they should and what they want is a refund, or handing over of property. While the market is brisk and realtors are promising and profiting the promises are not being kept and Visakhapatnam consumer is not happy.

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