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The Pandurangapuram colony park is a testament to the fact that when a group of motivated and determined people come together, great things are achieved.

As Paulo Coelho of the Alchemist shares, ‘And when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ The statement seems to stand true for this haven of green in the midst of Pandurangapuram colony. Located beside the Pandurangaswamy temple, this park spread over a compact area of 70 cents, is perhaps one of the residents’ proudest achievements. A model of how community participation can make the impossible achievable; not only was the work executed in a record time of nine months, it had people treating it like their personal project – giving it extra care and attention to quality and detail. More than a bit of green lung space amongst high-rise buildings, this park, inaugurated on 30 April by the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu,is a testament to oft heard quote, ‘be the change!’

It all began when a group of doctors who would meet every month, decided that they wanted to give back to society. Feeling that they first needed an office to work from, gastroenterologist Dr. Pedaveeraju along with a motivated group considered various options, before finally zeroing on to a vacant piece of land adjoining the temple. Neglected and overgrown with plants, the land earmarked in the master plan for a park seemed like an ideal choice. One thing led to another, and soon the Pandurangapuram Residents Welfare Association was formed. With R. Ramam as President and Y. Naidu as Secretary, the PRWA came up with a plan and working with a 2:1 ratio on donations, between the residents and the government, money was soon raised for the project.

Today, the park houses a three-storied building called the Swacch Bharat Bhavan at one end. Holding the offices of the PRWA, it has a huge hall donated by one of the residents. The top floor has a yoga centre and a gym.

With one quarter called the ‘Fitness zone’ where children can play, it also has physiotherapy equipment for those who can’t walk up the stairs to the gym. A meditative zone is for quiet contemplation and meditation. Paths all around allow the residents of Pandurangapuram to walk and breathe in the fresh air. A soak pit is in place, while putting up solar panels is on the agenda too.

Stating that there were hardly any challenges because people worked together, this park though open for all, hopes to soon introduce membership cards for residents. These would enable people to use the facilities of gym, yoga etc. that the centre has.

This park is a great example of doctors committed to social welfare. It is also a model of how a community can empower itself and when a cause is greater than self, the universe makes the undoable doable in a much shorter time. With the fond hope of seeing more such green spaces in the city, we at Yo! wish this team the very best.

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