Come back of ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’

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Okay so our dream is really is coming true because the best Indian sitcom ever ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ is making a comeback in the month of May. The world really needs Maya’s shade and sophistication, Indravadan’s sarcasm and childish behaviour, Monisha’s arguments and bargaining activities and Rosesh’s poetry to be a happier place.













Remember how we used to roll on the floors till our stomach hurt and how every single time Maya dominated Monisha with her so called ’etiquettes’. Indravadans sarcastic comments for Rosesh and Sahil’s deeds to make peace between Maya and Monisha were all very entertaining.


This show redefined humour for the Indian audiences back in the early 2000s and thank god that it is returning as a web series because watching it on a television in 2017 is just ‘So middle class!’






Remember the way Dushyant explained his things to Indravadan and Madhusudhan bhai’s hearing problems were always a pain in the head for Maya.







The makers of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai are expected to go on floor with the shoot starting April and it’s expected to hit the internet starting May. It is definitely a relief because that’s only a little more than 2 months from now! Phew

Actor-producer-director Jamnadas Majethia informed, “After the show wrapped up, all of us, including the actors, got busy with other commitments. However, at every public event and even at private functions in the last 10 years, I was always asked when Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was returning. It was public demand which finally compelled us to set aside everything else and concentrate on developing a quality script which lives up to the audience’s expectations. Shooting will continue all through April. We are targeting a May release”.

The show will retain most of it characters but Rosesh might just get a new hairstyle and we really cannot wait to see his new look. Hope just his hair changes because we cannot afford to lose his epic poetry. May, can you please be here already!

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