How clean is Visakhapatnam? Here’s what the citizens feel


Visakhapatnam is widely hailed as one of the cleanest cities in the country. Be it for the pristine beaches, or the spotless roads, or even for its picturesque locales, the city has always held a right spot on a tourist’s guide. In fact, Visakhapatnam was even declared as the third cleanest city in India in the Swachh Bharat rankings declared a few months ago.

While these facts certainly fill us with pride, some citizens have other thoughts. We happened to interact with a few individuals from the city and here’s what they felt on “How clean is Visakhapatnam?”

C.Sahithi, Student

“The fact that my city boasts of some of the cleanest roads in the country makes me beam with pride. However, it is true that some areas in the city are still not up to the mark when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Several open drains and dustbins are making it uncomfortable for the residents in these areas. While the officials are doing their best in making the city a better one, concerted efforts in these areas too would yield superior results.”

Pavan Reddy, an active member of an NGO

“While the officials do hold certain responsibilities in making up our city, we, the citizens of Visakhapatnam, also hold a key to maintaining our city in a beautiful shape. In fact, our NGO organises regular outings where we personally clean the city’s parks and other public areas.”

D.Rajesh, Taxi Driver

“One thing I observe in the city is that while prime areas such as the beach area, MVP Colony, or Seethammadhara are maintained well, other areas such as Sivaji Park, Poorna market, and Seethammapeta are not kept up to the mark. Hope that the officials focus on these areas too.”

N.Gayatri, Housewife

“I have been to many cities in the country and only few can compete with Visakhapatnam when it comes to cleanliness. I hereby congratulate all the citizens and officials for doing their bit in making this possible. Also, a special thanks to those tireless GVMC sweepers who strive relentlessly to keep our roads clean.”

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