2 Chimpanzees Escape Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Vizag

Two Chimpanzees Escape Vizag Zoo

Two of the three chimpanzees contained at the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Vizag escaped enclosure yesterday morning. The chimpanzees – Chiko (M, 18 years old) and Chikitha (F, 30 years old) escaped their enclosure at 9:50 AM yesterday, by crossing the solar fencing.

Animal keeper G Chinna Rao was the first to notice the escaped primates and alert the zoo officials. The officials proceeded to rush to site along with an emergency response team and tranquilising equipment. When the zoo keepers failed to lure them chimpanzees into the enclosure with fruits, they resorted to tranquilising Chikitha, following which Chiko went back into the enclosure on his own.

The zoo authorities managed to contain the situation with 45 minutes of the escape and have reportedly confirmed the safety of the chimpanzees. Reports state that the primates managed to escape via a water pipe and the solar fencing wasn’t functional when the escape occurred.

The primates in the enclosure now were brought in last year from a zoo in Tel Aviv, Israel to Mumbai by air, and from Mumbai to Vizag by road.

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