Chandrababu Naidu Turns His Back On Demonetisation Move

chandrababu naidu
chandrababu naidu turns his back on demonetisation

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was one of the first supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to declare demonetisation. He even wrote a letter to the PM stating his support and providing suggestions to make the country go digital. But after the inconvenience faced by the people of Andhra Pradesh, he has evoked support for the same.

“Demonetisation is not our will and wish, people of our state continue to face problems due to it,” he reportedly said, while addressing at a TDP party function in Vijayawada. He pointed out the problems being faced by the people in the state, stating that their income has decreased while the centre has failed to do anything about it. “Fundings are not coming in from the central government and income has decreased,” he said.

When the PM announced his decision to ban higher denomination notes, the CM called it a “moral victory for TDP”. In fact, the letter he had written to the PM was way before the demonetisation was announced – he wrote it on October 12. He even announced previously that the problems related to demonetisation will be temporary but the benefits will be worth it at the end.

But looking at the inconvenience faced by Andhra Pradesh due to the currency crisis and disorganised manner the centre keeps handling the issue, he seems to have changed his mind. However, the CM denies reports of ever turning his back on the government and says that media reports are ‘misleading the country’. He says, “The demonetisation is a good decision, despite the implementation challenges.” He says he was only ‘expressing concern over the suffering of the people’. Looks like he’s still in support of the demonetisation then? We’re confused.

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