Security cameras at 10 city junctions, Visakhapatnam plays CCTV safe

security cameras
security camera

Visakhapatnam bats for safer streets and surveillance with security cameras at 10 important junctions and a total of 1600 CCTV to be fitted across the city.

Taking an example from other cities Visakhapatnam plans on increasing surveillance across the city. 1600 CCTV security cameras are being procured to be set up all around. This project is not included in the Vizag smart city plan. It’s a separate project which is being financed by the state government. The company which has been entrusted with this task is Matrix, which is a Hyderabad based company. The feasibility study for this is underway.

The integration of the CCTV security cameras will be with the command and control center which will work at optimum capacity. Matrix company is getting all the help from traffic police officials regarding the types and places that require maximum surveillance.

Highlights –

  • The 1600 security cameras will include, surveillance cameras, red light violation cameras, facial recognition cameras and pan tilt zoom cameras.
  • 10 important junctions to be covered for surveillance.
  • Satyam Junctions, Maddilapalem and NAD Junction to have signal lights and Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.
  • four road junctions to have CCTV cameras pointed in all 4 directions.
  • Utility of the Fibre Grid Project in the city is being explored for installation of the security cameras.
  • A phase wise distribution and installation will happen in Visakhapatnam.

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