Baked Goodness – Cafe Laddu Gopal

Cafe Laddu Gopal

Stepping beyond its image of just a sweets-shop, Cafe Laddu Gopal brings more to the city.

The Setting

A huge, dark-brown sign announces the name and contents of the cafe. Nice soft music plays in the background as you enter, not disrupting the conversations of the customers. Soft lights dangle from inverted yellow cup and saucers over the tables with comfortable chairs accompanying them. A tiny book shelf stands in the middle of the room with colourful tea glasses placed on it. The Selfie Couch at Café Laddu Gopal catches the eye. A leather couch stands in front of a wall covered with a monochromatic picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. The wallpaper behind the couch will be changed at regular intervals.


The Fare

While Laddu Gopal is known for their vast assortment of sweets, Café Laddu Gopal widens the horizon. Cakes, coffee, milkshakes and ice creams find their place alongside sandwiches, nachos, pastas and noodles. The baked goods sold here are completely eggless and the vegetarian café has an assortment of delectable cakes one can choose from, including ice cream cakes. While the milkshakes here are thick and the coffee aromatic, it is the sandwiches, pasta and ice creams that grab our attention.

Yo! Recommends

The Special Club Sandwich delivers on the promise its name offers, with a Bombay style sandwich offering unadulterated goodness. The Penne Alfredo Pasta is worth a mention with its creamy white sauce loaded with bursts of cheese and crunchy vegetables, so is the spicy Chilly Paneer that melts in your mouth. But the pièce de résistance is the Creme Castle’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – instant ice cream made amidst almost magical clouds of smoke, leaving the ice cream fresh and free of pesky ice flakes.

Timings: 10 AM – 11 PM

Location: MVP Double Road


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