Blindfold Protest by Kuchipudi Exponents Against the World Record Performance

Blindfold Protest Kuchipudi

Led by B Vikram Goud, classical dancers from the city carried out a blindfold protest. Recently, 7000 girl students from various Andhra Pradesh Residential Educational Institutions Society (APREIS)’s schools and colleges performed Kuchipudi at RK Beach in the presence of CM Chandrababu Naidu after receiving training for the same for two months. They were attempting to make it to the record books too.

The move was not received well by local Kuchipudi exponents. These dancers recently protested near the GVMC Gandhi statue against the performance. They called it a sham display and stated that anyone familiar with the beautiful dance form would discredit it. Their protest was so that those unfamiliar with the dance form would not believe it to be real either.

They pointed out that the performance lacked even the basics of what Kuchipudi consisted of. They alleged that even the basic attire and performance was not paid attention to for the performance by those in-charge.

The protesters made a statement by standing blindfolded and holding a picture of Siddhendra Yogi blindfolded too. They even said that the performance was an unfair waste of tax payers’ money. The state government had provided each school with Rs 4 lakh apart from providing the required dresses and makeup kits for the performance. Each student was given Rs 1000 each too.

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