Bheemili beach road to expand

gitam, vizag

The constant increase in the traffic has made road expansion a very vital obligation. The road between Vizag and Bheemili which is currently being expanded into a four lane road, might be further expanded into a six lane road. The R&B department has been entrusted with the task of expanding. “A proposal to widen beach road from Vizag to Bheemili into 6 lanes has been submitted to the government”, said Sumita Dawra, principal secretary of roads & buildings and transport department.

Ms. Sumita Dwara, after the inspection of the roads which are being expanded presently, stated, “There is a need to develop the road into six lanes. At present, works of four lane are under progress. We have sent the feasibility report for a six-lane road to the government. If the government approves, then we will move ahead with the project.

Initially the budget allotted for road expansion of the stretch of 9.6 km between Ramadri and Bheemili was Rs 65 crore, but as the roads department did not wish to disturb the structures in the city, the cost increased to Rs 195 crore. “We decided not to disturb Bheemili and construct the four lane road outside the town. The road should be strong with enough protection on the beach side. Due to all these reasons, the project cost got escalated,” said Ms. Sumita Dwara.

The four lane road is expected to be completed by February 4th 2017, assuming there are no hindrances or obstacles.

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