Anil Kumble Lays Down Rules for the Indian Cricket Team

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble was recently appointed as Indian cricket team’s head coach for the next 12 months and the man stepped up to the challenge putting rules in place. Kumble was selected from a list of 57 aspirants consisting Ravi Shastri. His performance will be reviewed after the year is up and the future decided. The team that is now in the Caribbean, gearing up for a test match against West Indies, has been laid down a few rules by their head coach.

A USD 50 fine has been introduced for players who are late to the team bus! Not just this, he had put down the rule that an official team meeting be held every fourth day and that his doors will remain open for any player looking for a chat. He has scheduled everything to the T, including the massage schedule of the players. But it’s not just work for the players, as the saying goes – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. He has scheduled a scuba dive for the players in the coming days so they have time to unwind too.

He has a few other ideas up his sleeve, like introducing a buddy programme inspired by the former coach John Wright’s plans. Two cricketers will be paired up and they communicate, give feedback and help each other out in the nets. While it sounds like Anil Kumble is calling all the shots here, it’s not so. He has reportedly jotted down complaints and suggestions given by the team players and will take them into consideration. He has even informed the BCCI that the players have a problem with not being informed of their schedule well in advance. The BCCI is looking into it.

“Everything is organised. Kumble wants players to understand the importance of discipline and, at the same time, give them freedom. He knows where to draw the line. The Indian team is scheduled to go for scuba diving in the coming days. These small things have been kept for the players to unwind,” a source travelling with the team told The Indian Express.

The month long Test series against West Indies will begin on July 21 with the matches taking place in Antigua, Jamaica, St Lucia and Barbados. Let’s hope that under the guidance of Anil Kumble, all good things are in store for the Indian cricket team.    

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