Andhra University To Promote Its Colonial & Art-Deco Architecture

Andhra University Architecture

Andhra University has some of the most architecturally beautiful building in Andhra Pradesh, maybe even in India. It is one of the few campuses in the country to still retain its colonial and art-deco buildings. The Vice Chancellor Prof G Nageswara Rao has reportedly said he is keen on preserving the beautiful architecture in the campus.

Other than Kolkata and Chennai, Visakhapatnam’s AU is the only campus to treasure its vintage architecture. It is home to some of the best colonial and art-deco buildings in the city. Vizag itself is home to several colonial buildings of British and Dutch styles with high ceilings, tall arches, huge doors and airy spaces. It was only after World War II that the art-deco styles came into Vizag while it evolved in France before World War I.

The VC and other officials are looking to promote these two styles of architecture to ensure symmetry across the university. These styles are what set the university apart and he wants them to be celebrated. He further stated that the physics building was a strong example of colonial architecture at the university and the Engineering College was the art-deco style. He calls them one amongst the largest structures built on the east coast between 1930 and 1960.

AU Registrar, Prof V Uma Maheswara Rao also stated that the management is looking forward to promote the university on these grounds. They will begin work from the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year towards the establishment of this project.

Feature Image Credit: Saranya & Kiran/Flickr

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