A trip to Anantagiri: Unwinding in the lap of nature in Visakhapatnam

Anantagiri, Visakhapatnam

When the stress, strain and workload get to you, a break is what the mind and body crave for. And the best way to totally rejuvenate the mind and body is to relax and frolic in the lap of nature. Visakhapatnam is surrounded by abundant nature in all her glory…the magnificent Eastern Ghats. And nestled in these ancient Ghats is Anantagiri, a hill station only 60 kilometres away from the main city and a place where lush green hills are interspaced by verdant ravines. A popular summer resort, Anantagiri is much more beautiful and breathtaking after the first monsoon showers.

Amidst the refreshing natural splendour and serene atmosphere this scenic hill station (at 3,100 feet) is known for its lush green coffee plantations, dense forests, ravines and gorges, making the drive to the hills just as beautiful. The drive from the city to Anantagiri presents some memorable sights; a panoramic vista of nature, dotted by evidence of human intervention with neatly planted and well-tended picturesque coffee plantations. In addition to coffee and peppercorns, Anantagiri forests harbour a vast variety of medicinal plants and herbs.

In order to do justice to this salubrious rejuvenating natural hill resort, one needs to spend a weekend here and visit the cool Katiki waterfalls (12 kilometres) and the Tatiguda waterfalls (2 kilometres). Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) has for the convenience of tourists a well-kept hill resort, Haritha Hill Resort, strategically built upon a hillock, allowing for awe-inspiring views all around. The food at this place is good and to make the weekend interesting, the management organises treks to the nearby tribal hamlet and the local Dhimsa tribal dance show by a bonfire at dusk.

Awash with green and vibrant colours of the wild flora, Anantagiri is an amazing getaway destination in the rains of Visakhapatnam.

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