Alliance Air proposes to shift base of its aircraft from Visakhapatnam

Alliance Air, Visakhapatnam

Alliance Air, a subsidiary owned by Air India, was operating a daily afternoon flight on the Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada-Tirupathi circuit. However, a recent development might see it withdraw the flight from Vizag with effect from 16 July 2019.

While members of the Andhra Pradesh Air Travellers Association (APATA) are not sure of the reason behind the move, experts opine that it might affect Visakhapatnam’s connectivity to the political capital (Vijayawada) and spiritual capital (Tirupati).

An email from the airlines read, “Alliance Air proposes to shift the Vizag base ATR72 aircraft to Hyderabad with effect from 16 July 2019 to operate following sectors:

Hyderabad/Mysuru/Hyderabad- Daily




All concerned are requested to make necessary arrangements for shifting their resources and giving sufficient notice to the service providers at Visakhapatnam.”

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