All about the bread


With the temperatures dropping in Vizag, cuddling up with a warm bowl of soup accompanied with warm toast – lavishly buttered or with grilled cheese is just what the heart desires. Nothing can be a more drool-inducing perfection of an accompaniment. Adding excitement to the humble loaf of bread, there are a number of variants to pick and choose from; and we are not talking about the standard milk, white and brown bread variants – we are talking about the exotic flavoured breads. Check out the deliciously appetising freshly baked alternatives…


This yummylicious bread topped with vegetables like olives and herbs is best eaten toasted and stuffed with mozzarella cheese.

Where: Pastry, Coffee Nā€™ Conversation

*Baguettes can also be found here


This pencil-thin, dry bread-stick is best consumed with soup; though topped with cheese or even by itself it makes as a nice crunchy snack.

Where: Bakers Castle

bread-in-vizagCream Bun

For those with a sweet tooth craving, savour this fresh soft bun that is split, cooled and filled with sweetened cream.

Where: Bake My Wish

dil-pasand-childrens-favouriteDil Pasand

Sweet coconut flakes, dry fruits and tutti fruity nestled between warm flakes of crusty pastry fill your mouth with every bite.

Where: Mani Kanda Bakery

yummy-garlic-bread-in-vizagGarlic Bread

While usually made in baguette form, regular slices of the bread can also be found. This buttery bread does not require much prepping and can be eaten as it is or toasted.

Where: Dunkin Bagels

onion-bread-in-vizagOnion Bun

This dinner roll can be eaten as it is with soup or go desi, split and toast it with butter and eat as an accompaniment with hot pav bhaji.

Where: FoodEx