Alcohol too much! Try these remedies to not PUKE…


New year parties are always too over the top and consuming alcohol is mandatory [LOL]. While heavy drinking is a common thing most of us do regularly, we clearly do not understand the embarrassment of puking after drinks. After 5 shots down our throat, we gotta rush to washroom to kneel over the toilet bowl and take out all we cannot handle [which is embarrassing and unhygienic…EWW]. While spending more time in washroom instead of dance floor with our friends is nonsense, here are a few ways in which you can have drinks in the parties and not puke as well. Yeah! Thank us later. 🙂

Know how much you are drinking

This is the basic thing that all of us should keep in mind. The basic formula for drinking is “one shot = one glass of wine = one beer”. Use this mantra to control your drinks and have stability and consciousness. Know your limit and hence avoid puking.

Go for expensive drinks

Usually cheap drinks are more likely to make you puke as they are not refined, are of low quality and you have to consume more of it to feel the effect. Whereas expensive quality drinks are heavier and have more alcohol content. These drinks may fill you and sedate you, but your mind will be stable and will not puke.

Mix hard alcohol with alternatives

It is never a good idea to have raw alcohol as consuming raw drinks will make you run to washroom in just few minutes. Always measure your shots and drinks and then dilute them with soda or fruit juices. Diluting drinks will keep you stable for a long time and hence puking is avoided.

Drinking on an empty stomach is a big NO

Ensure you have food before you start drinking as this will help you not to puke quickly. Drinking on an empty stomach will result in your body absorbing the alcohol faster and you will get drunk quickly. This might make you feel nauseous, light headed and you might end up puking a lot.

Avoid chugging drinks down your throat

A wise man always drinks in intervals. Pouring five drinks down your throat will definitely make you lose consciousness and will fill your body with alcohol more that your body can handle. Hence you’ll end up throwing up.

Have water between your drinks

Consuming water in between your drinks will keep you hydrated and will dilute the alcohol in your stomach. You may have to visit the washroom more often but at least it won’t be because you are throwing up coz of drinking heavily.

Max three drinks in an hour

Follow this rule and you will not throw up ‘AT ALL’. Pacing your drinks is a wise decision. Do not consume more than three drinks within an hour. This will maintain your balance and will not affect your mental stability. Over drinking will ruin the working of your gut and you will gradually start puking.

NOTE : Avoid crazy drinking games as they might get you over drunk and you would puke even more.

Have a great time 🙂

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