Will the TU-142 Aircraft Museum be ready for President’s visit?

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The much talked about maritime patrol aircraft TU-142 in Visakhapatnam has kept us waiting for many days now. This aircraft museum, which is slated to be another feather in the city’s cap, is supposed to be inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind in the coming week.

President and supreme commander of the Armed forces Ram Nath Kovind be in Visakhapatnam on December 7th for a two-day to participate in the golden jubilee celebrations of the Submarine Arm of the Indian Navy.

However, given the current state of the aircraft, doubts of the inauguration missing the deadline have once again surfaced among the people.

While the VUDA officials are confident that the museum will be ready by December 7th, officials from the Navy quarters are uncertain regarding the same. As per them, while the remaining programmes scheduled during the president’s visit have been finalised, the schedule for the inauguration of TU-142 has not been ascertained. The coming few days will, probably, gives us the final picture of the museum’s readiness before being inaugurated.

Current Scenario

As we all know, officials and workers are working continuously in order to meet the specified deadline. Here’s how TU-142 stands currently.

  • The museum’s main entrance has been equipped with the required glass work and requires to be covered with the necessary sheets on the top part.
  • The dome-shaped structure in the interior part of the museum has been completed.
  • All the requirements to facilitate elevator’s construction have been made. It is expected that the machines will be fitted in the coming three days.
  • The aerobridge has finished its construction but remains to be fitted. The materials required for setting up the coffee shop, simulation game, souvenir shop and more have reached the locale.
  • The VUDA officials are contemplating over the thought of building a wall behind the aircraft so as to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the museum.

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