Real Adventures In Vizag

Picture Credits : Dr. Suresh Gorantla

Paragliding, speed racing and deep sea diving are all passé. Come say hello to the real adventure sports in the city. And we bet you can survive anywhere in this world, if you’ve tick-marked atleast two from this list of six. Also, we recommend that you try out some of these for the best experience. Where? You ask us? Well, just step out on Vizag’s streets to start with.

road-crossing-vizagCrossing the Road

If you thought that only the metros and big cities indulged in this adventure sport, try crossing the road right opposite the RTC complex, NAD junction or Maddilapalem. Chances are that it will take you a good five minutes if not more. This adventure sport also promises a lot of oncoming buses, cars, autos and bikes, all of which may not come from the same direction. So what if it’s a one-way, riders on Vizag roads constantly race with the pedestrians to see who crosses whom first.


Bus Ride

Our bus complexes were once the hub of adventure sports and many have had the experience of travelling by these mammoth beasts. While we now prefer the comfort of our air conditioned cars, this is a sport that you shouldn’t miss for such silly reason. You’re sure to discover the ‘thrill’ when you secure a seat in an RTC bus especially during peak hours. Not only is there a thrill in getting onto a crowded bus, the adventure sport extends to securing a seat on the bus as well. A word of warning though. While getting on to a moving bus seems like extreme adventure, we don’t recommend it, for your own good.

driving-in-vizagDriving behind emm…certain people

Ever been on a race track? Don’t despair if you haven’t, because driving behind certain people (that encompass most in our city) makes up for it big time. Asked about their muse, Vizag drivers chose that their list of ‘certain people’ included senior citizens, women drivers (how gender biased), rash drivers (covers most men), my car shouldn’t get a scratch kind of drivers (covers the other kind), newbie drivers and how can one forget the autos. The three-legged autos seem to have their own set of rules and none of the other mortals know them. You never know when they may suddenly decide to overtake you, decide to stop or make huge turns, so what if it is a one-way. U turn is important, like right now.

indian-railwaysBuying tatkal tickets

This sport really reminds most of us of our school races. You sit poised before your computer screen at 9:48AM and wait patiently for the clock to strike 10:00AM. And by the time you realize and start typing on the keys furiously, the booking is over, your money has been debited and you don’t have a ticket to your name. Sigh! Now starts the longer process of getting your money back for the ticket you never got (Difficulty level: Hard) and getting a ticket (Difficult level: Crazily hard)

electrical-office-in-vizagFiling an electrical complaint with Transco

Okay people, this one is like a real treasure hunt. You used to have an obsolete directory (remember?) that worked wonderfully as a paperweight and occupied a dusty corner of the house. But with that behind us, we now only have the websites, which give us a number that seldom seems to work. And if it does (Voila! You’re in luck!) you’re directed to another number and he’s out for lunch. You decide to call the private electrician, who often has a friend or relative who’ll respond.

Header Image Credits : Dr. Suresh Gorantla

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