No Love For The Stray – Adoption Is An Option


Dogs have and always will be a man’s best friend. The relationship of loyalty and companionship that one shares with a dog cannot be replicated with another human. They have always been a huge hit among pet lovers. People are comfortable spending up to INR. 1, 00,000/- on owning an exotic/pure breed dog – makes us wonder if the thought of adoption has ever crossed their mind.

Dogs like Siberian Husky, St. Bernard and a few other breeds of non-Indian origin have been creating quite a buzz among the locals. With the increase in the number of Dog lovers and animal enthusiast in the city, there has been a rise in the number of well-informed pet owners, breeders, and trainers. Events like Little Paws meet ups and Vizag Dog Shows are a clear example of our love for dogs.

Unlike a foreign breed, when you bring home a stray dog you are not only providing shelter to the homeless canine – but also saving money cause the cost of maintenance is negligible. Born in the Indian climatic conditions, the strays are more immune to diseases and less likely to fall sick compared to a foreign breed. Adopting a stray not only helps you realize that it will love you as much as a fancy Husky or St. Bernard, probably ever more; but also turning you into an example, from whom people can draw inspiration and head on the path of removing the stigma attached to a dog being “stray”.

So get out there – Adopt a Stray – Save a Life.

Cause every Dog deserves a Home and every Home deserves a Dog.

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