Learnt A Lot From These 90s Cartoons

90s Cartoons
90s Cartoons life lessons

If you are a 90s kid you can surely understand the special connection we shared with the 90s cartoons. We would rush home, finish up homework just so we could watch our favorite cartoon show. Every series had a unique character, amazing story line, which unwittingly imparted a strong message to the kids at the end of every episode. The 90s can surely be considered as the golden era of cartoons. So let’s take trip down memory lane and look at a few cartoon shows that brilliantly imparted some valuable life lessons into our young minds:

Captain Planet

Be environmentally conscience and protect mother nature.

Johnny Bravo

It takes more than good looks to impress a girl.

Power Puff Girls

Girls are just as strong and powerful as boys.

Dexter’s Laboratory

It’s okay to love science and pursue your passion from a young age.

The Flintstones

You can lead a happy and fulfilling life without technology.

The Road-runner Show

Never give up.

Courage, the cowardly dog

Face your fears head on. It’s ok to be afraid.


We can flip our life at any moment and make ourselves bigger, better and stronger.


With good friends around, there is no mystery or problem that you can’t solve.

Ed, Edd and Eddy

If you think you’re really odd and don’t fit in, you’ll eventually end up with just the right friends.

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