Weekend plans in Vizag: 8 things we all do on Saturdays & Sundays

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Weekends are the time we all look forward to. Many of us plan for the leisure, or the rest, we can have as this is the only weekly opportunity. People in Visakhapatnam love weekends and look forward to them eagerly. Things may not always go as planned, however, here’s a list of a few weekend plans that people normally end up with, in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Spending time at city malls

Weekend plans in Visakhapatnam have a love affair with shopping malls. Sundays are jam-packed with people who visit these malls with family or friends. Some browse the retail outlets and others prefer food courts or restaurants. Of course, there are the movie lovers who go the multiplex to catch up on the latest flicks.

#2 Day trips close by

There are a number of places close by where one can leave early in the morning, spend the day and come back by dinner time. It could be youngsters on their bikes, with helmets, or families packed into their cars. Araku Valley, Bheemlipatnam and Simhachalam are a few among the many favourites.

#3 RK Beach Road

The early morning “no vehicles zone” at Beach Road is a perfect venue for people to visit. They may be joggers, cyclists, walkers or even doggie owners. Groups of friends, or neighbours, can grab some fresh morning air. Of course, one will also find stalls with health juices and fruits along the promenade. The only requisite is to be willing to jump out of bed early on a Sunday morning!

#4 Spending time at the park

There are many parks dotted throughout the city. A nice evening stroll would be ideal. Also, here is an opportunity for little ones to use the playground equipment, where available, or play with their football. Senior citizens can also be seen here either alone or with their grandchildren. It is always nice spending time amongst greenery in a concrete jungle, especially on a weekend.

#5 Along the shores

Nothing like walking barefoot along the sea-shore with the waves playing with your feet. Safety is the main concern so random swimming is not advisable. However, the stroll with an assortment of eateries along the way is a nice way to spend a weekend evening.

#6 City sports “maidans”

The are many public open grounds in Visakhapatnam, such as in Andhra University. These inevitably turn into competition arenas as we challenge our friends to our favourite sport and claim our dominance. One can be part of many casual-friendly matches that are played here. Especially for young bachelors, these “maidans” become networking grounds to make friends

#7 Chaat time!

Gorging on chaat has to be a part of your weekend plans. For this, there are a number of places in the city offering a wide range of dishes. On can either opt for road side “bandis” or visit known eateries.

#8 Chill at home

We regard this as a good option as well! After a hectic week one would not want to step out of the house. The weekend is a good time to laze at home. You could cook what you want or order home. The bed, or the couch, will be your throne in the kingdom of visual entertainment. Some can even get the pending household chores, or any repairs, done. ICC World Cup season is an added incentive. All in all, just kick back your legs and relax before starting off your Mondays.

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