8 foods in Vizag to make your rainy day all the more special

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The combination of rain and steaming food is what we live for and now that the rain has arrived in the City of Destiny, the food hopping will get much more interesting. There are abundant choices of food for Vizagites to munch on a rainy day and it will take forever to eat all of these until our heart is satisfied. Here is a list of things from different places in Vizag to munch on while it drizzles. Get wet in the rain and enjoy these things while shivering.

#1 Roasted/Boiled Corn, Tenneti Park

What another place to have corn other than Tenneti Park in Vizag! People flock to this place as soon as it starts to rain and we know why. Buy a corn cob and sit on the rocks, enjoying the rain.  The view of vendors selling roasted corn while saving their burning coal from rain is extremely photogenic.

#2 Tea and Coffee, Kailasagiri foothills

The Irani Cafe mobile truck has is a well-known spot for hot chai since ages. This truck also serves amazing Osmania biscuits which literally melt in your mouth. Also, try their ‘Badam Tea’ which is exceptional and will help you cure a sore throat.

#3 Chicken Maggi, IT SEZ

The small food corner serving differently flavored maggies has become very famous and the food served there is fresh and tasty. Try out chicken Maggi with a cup of hot coffee. Trust us, you won’t regret it. This place also serves South Indian breakfast in the morning is very tasty too.

#4 Muri Mixture, R.K Beach

The famous muri mixture stalls on the Beach Road are everybody’s favorite. Choose any one from the many stalls and you will get yummy food. The ingredients are healthy and will give you an energy boost. Also, munch on the spiced mango slices if available {seasonal thing you see}.

#5 Bajji and Chaat, opposite THE PARK

The lane opposite to THE PARK is where you need to go to find the most amazing bajjis and chaat. Choose from a variety of bajjis available to relish on. You can also enjoy a hot chaat while sitting on your scooter. Upgrade your choice to a ‘bajji chaat’ and finish it before someone else does.

#6 Pani Puri, opposite HSBC

Elders may scold for eating Pani Puri in rains, but the joy of having it in rains cannot be expressed in words. The pani puri stall opposite to HSBC is our favorite spot to eat the delicacy and we are never disappointed. Also, try their ‘Dahi Samosa’ which is mouthwatering.

#7 Jalebi, near Vizag Central

Gautum Bhavan is probably the oldest and the best place to have amazing Jalebis in town. The sight of hot Jalebis right from the hot sugar syrup to your plates is enough to put you in a happy coma. Do not miss their samosas and hot parathas.

#8 Kulfi or Ice Gola, Beach Road

You might think that we are crazy, but the joy of having kulfi or ice gola in rain is something very special. Get to the beach road in your car and enjoy one with a view of the ocean while listening to your favorite songs.

Note: These things taste best when eaten at the place where they are sold. Have a happy rainy day.

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