7 binge-worthy TV shows that will woo you over

must watch tv series
Stranger Things

Feeling bored during your vacation?? Don’t worry! we’ve got you covered! So grab some popcorn and a blanket and buckle up for some mind-boggling, nerve wrecking shows as we take you through 7 must watch TV series you might probably not be aware of.

#1 Stranger things

If you are a hardcore science fiction enthusiast, then you are in for a treat. Stranger things will have you biting at the edge of your pillow covers as the intense story progresses. The story takes you back to the mid-1980s where you will follow the journey of 4 kids as they desperately try to find their lost friend in what seems like an ordinary town but embedded with dark secrets.

#2 13 Reasons why

Teen drama lover? Then this show is perfect for you. The story starts out on a cold note when we learn about the suicide of Hanah Baker. She leaves behind 13 tapes addressed to 13 people who were responsible for her death. The plot thickens as the story unfolds and we finally understand how she died. This series is sure to give you sleepless nights so get ready!

#3 The Flash

A huge superhero buff? Then this show is all you can hope for! It has got action, comedy and a dash romance. A life of an ordinary guy, Barry Allen, changes dramatically when he is struck by lightning and is gifted with super speed. Journey with Barry as he realises his purpose and tries to find a balance between his duty and his personal life.

#4 The 100

Set in the post-apocalyptic future, this TV show is sure to send shivers down your spine as 100 kids are sent back to earth to check its habitability after a huge nuclear explosion that happened 100 years ago. But these kids are not alone! Find out what happens to them. Will they survive or not?

#5 12 monkeys

Don’t let the name get you wrong! For all the time travelling fanatics out there, this series is a dream come true. The plot revolves around stopping a plague from wiping out the human race. The series is set in the future initially where a team of scientists sends the protagonist back in time to stop the spread of the plague but as the story unfolds they realise there is much more to it and in that process discover shocking secrets.

#6 Master of none

Master of none is a breath of fresh air, a completely new and hilarious concept. You will be taken into the life of an Indian immigrant in the United States trying to forge a career in acting, the difficulties and situations he encounters are sure to give you your healthy dose of laughter.

#7 The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is an American sitcom that describes the life of 4 awkwardly social friends and their day to day endeavours. This series will have you laughing all day with its timely dialogues and silly jokes.

Well, that’s it for now! These 7 must watch TV series are sure to make you glued to your seats.

Happy Watching!

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