5 years of Hudhud cyclone: Pics of the worst nightmare that Vizag endured

hudhud cyclone, vizag

It’s been five years since Vizag was struck by its worst disaster yet. It all started with moderate to strong gales with cloudy sky early in the morning of Sunday in Visakhapatnam in 2014. By the time people woke up, electricity was gone, communications were disrupted and strong winds of till-then-unheard-of-or-unseen velocities started engulfing entire areas. Hudhud-a cyclone of unprecedented magnitude-had left the city reeling in the aftermath of the destruction.

The real struggles started the next day after the cyclone Hudhud, on Monday morning, the day after the storm. Traffic jams due to road-blocks, power outage, communication disruptions, lack of provisions and all such impediments let loose, and the most dangerous one was that of the health hazard that the stagnated waters posed, especially in low-lying areas, like Convent Junction, Velampeta, One-town, etc.

We take a look back at the time in 2014 when Vizag was reeling in the aftermath of Cyclone Hudhud. A throwback, looking at the city that paid dearly in the rendezvous with the brute force of Mother Nature.

The Rajiv Smruthi Bhavan, at the Beach Road, was shattered by Hudhud cyclone
Many buildings, constructions in Vizag were reduced to rubble
Citizens wait patiently outside a petrol bunk to get their share of fuel
hudhud cyclone, vizag
With power not available in most parts of the city in the aftermath of Hudhud, the few points that had a power supply, were in high demand
Availing basic necessities, like drinking water, was no mean task either
hudhud cyclone, vizag
The statues on the Beach Road too had to face the brunt of Hudhud cyclone in Vizag
The cyclone’s devastation had also called for safeguarding the animals and providing proper care to them at the city’s zoo

A few more photos depicting the destruction that Hudhud cyclone caused in Vizag:

hudhud cyclone, vizag hudhud cyclone, vizag hudhud cyclone, vizag

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