5 things students from GITAM and GVP Rushikonda will relate to

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GITAM and Gayatri Vidya Parishad (GVP) stand among the more popular colleges in Vizag. The students who are, or have been, a part of these institutions share a special bond with them. From bunking classes to preparing just before the exams, typical to any graduate student, the students here, do it all. Here are 5 things to which students of these colleges would relate to.

#1 The Beach road drive

This is something that can only be experienced. Riding a bike on the beach road, with a friend, or that “special someone”, as the pillion is an unparalleled feeling. The stretch from Kailasagiri to Rushikonda offers an awesome driving experience to the students. A road that is beautifully nestled between lush green hills and sparkling blue waters pumps up these guys each day.

#2 The Rushikonda escapade

Needless to say that the Bay of Bengal too, has stood witness to many memories of the students here.The Rushikonda beach offers the students the best possible get away. It may be during a class bunk or after a tiring day or even after attending interviews, these guys just love soaking themselves in the fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere of this famous beach in Vizag.

#3 The “Bunk-Options”

From the nearby beach to the multiplex around, the students of GITAM and GVP Rushikonda have a plethora of options where they could slip away while bunking the classes. Also, not to forget the hostels in and around MVP Colony where their friends stay.

#4 Noodle-Points

Be it the Kondamma Pan Shop, the ones at Rushikonda beach or the stops near IT SEZ, the pit stops around these colleges offer some of the most amazing noodles you could crave for. Made with a typical local flavour, a plate of spicy double egg noodles, topped with onions, is all one might need.

#5 Sharing Auto Rickshaws from Appughar

Do we need to say more?

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