5 spectacular sights to behold in Visakhapatnam

spectacular sights in visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, a bustling city nestled between the turquoise sea and the emerald hills is a hub for exploring the nature’s beauty. One can either take in the hills in all their glory or smell the breeze from the bay in virtually any part of the city. Marvels of nature that are time bound like the sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and stargazing should definitely be on your watch list. Here we give you a rundown of the best places where you can behold some spectacular sights in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Sunrise at RK beach

Image by Tarun Kundalia

Start your day the right way at the famed RK beach. The no vehicle zone along the beach road from 5 am to 7:30 am makes it the ideal place for a rejuvenating morning walk and meditation while catching the beautiful golden sun rise above the horizon. The cool sea breeze accompanying with the beautiful view is going to give you that rocking start to your day.

#2 Sunset at Sagar Nagar beach

Image by Tarun Kundalia

Head over to the Sagar Nagar beach. This less frequented beach holds a spectacular view of the sun setting over the sea. The few cafes that line this beach also offer a decent view. 

#3 Full moon at Rushikonda

One of the spectacular sights in Visakhapatnam
Image by Tarun Kundalia

One of the spectacular sights in Visakhapatnam. Every month when the full moon is out, head over to the Rushikonda Beach to enjoy moon-watching with the sand between your toes and the sea kissing your feet. The sea is silvered and transformed by the light of the full moon, which hangs like a pearl from the heavens above.

#4 Stargazing at Araku or Lambasingi

Image by Sandeep Pantula

For this, one has to take a short trip away from the lights of the city. Head over to the Araku valley or a camping trip to Lambasingi. Away from the light pollution of the city to gaze at the stellar beauty up above.

#5 Panoramic view from Kailasagiri

Image by Tarun Kundalia

Get an uninterrupted bird’s eye view of the city from one of the many viewpoints at Kailasagiri. High above the traffic and the annoying noise of the city, spend some time in the peace looking over the ‘Jewel of East Coast’.

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