5 Experiences each one of us has had while watching movies at a Multiplex

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We all love movies and love to watch them on big screen, enter the Multiplex world. But are all experiences at the multiplex good??

Gone are the days when movie watching with popcorn and local potato chips or Uncle Chips was the norm du jour. It was a reasonable affair and an easy affair. You go the cinema, catch the movie and back. Now the entire experiences associated with a movie at the multiplex has changed. From its being a huge event, time, date and advance booking included to the money in your pocket, its not just ‘easy come, easy go’ any more. Here are experiences, each one of us has had and if you say no, then you are lying of course. Caught’cha..

#1 Phew finally we are seated but why are so many seats empty?

The booking site was showing that it’s near house full today and here are so many empty seats. Whats the deal?? Bro, we have been there and trust me, the viewer in the next seat will be thinking the same quite possibly. Confusing experiences.

#2 Was the movie worth the entire multiplex gig, ahem ahem!!

Oh my God, such a fuss about getting dressed, counting out currency notes , quite possibly my last for the month etc etc. Was it worth it? 100% experienced by all of us one time or the other. Add to this, the stress of travel, who is picking up whom etc etc.

#3 So if we all are ordering the snacks together, how are we splitting up the cost?

Check out the bill man?! I could sell my soul for lesser. Is there a calculation mistake? C’mon man i ordered popcorn not gold. So who will say, lets split?? A profound thought and a test to many a friendship.

#4 Will my girlfriend think I am cheap for not getting another round of popcorn?

Not need to elaborate. Women know. We don’t live in stone age. They pay too, so please these experiences are not a bother, brother.

#5 I miss Jagadamba…Wail Wail!! Sniff Sniff!!

jagadamba theatre
jagadamba theatre

The good old days when the popcorn was just a measly Rs.10, the attendant relatable, not judgemental, the get up and go bonhomie. Oh how we all miss those days. Not to forget, the little window where in you slide in change and get your ratty ticket which feels like a piece of assured heaven. Movie is atrocious, no problemo, lets catch a few winks.

Hope it makes you laugh cause each one of us has been there and done that. Share your personal experience in the comments and we will be happy to know.

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