4 tips to help us maintain clean beaches in Vizag

beaches in Vizag

The beaches in Vizag are pretty popular. Don’t we all love going there on a Sunday evening, grabbing a snack, watching the waves and simply forgetting about everything else? Yet, it is a well-known fact that the beauty of the ocean and the sand it laps onto is diminishing, owing to our carelessness and lack of responsibility. However, we must remind ourselves that it is also within our power and capability to save it.  If we want o save our precious, private moments with the sea, you must make sure to do your best to preserve it and keep it clean.  Here are some ways through which you can do your part, and prove to yourself and others that you deserve to enjoy Mother Nature’s majestic splendour at its best.

#1 Beach clean-ups

This stands as the most popular way to make sure the beaches are litter-free. You could help organise a huge event by spreading the word through social media and posters. You could organise a small group of friends to go with you, or could just keep an eye out for any events. If you have a tight schedule and are unable to do any of these, just take a bag with you every time you visit the beaches in Vizag, and pick up the trash. Small acts can make an impact, too.

#2 Avoid plastic spoons and other items

The best part about being at the beaches in Vizag (aside from the ocean itself) is undoubtedly the snacks on the sidewalk, most prominently the muri mixtures. However, people who actively participate in beach clean-ups have said that the small plastic spoons you get there are the most commonly littered items. Please discourage the usage of these. You can carry your own hand sanitizers with you, or can request the mixture-walaas to use spoons made from neem leaves instead. These road-side stalls are already doing an amazing job by re-using newspapers instead of plastic plates, so now is the time for them to run the extra mile. Minimising your use of these tiny spoons could go a long way in saving the lives of animals as well, and who doesn’t like being called a life-saviour?

#3 Look for dustbins

Every time you end up holding left-over rubbish, please make sure you go and throw it in a dustbin. Along with that, make sure you request people who leave them lying on the ground to do so too. Ask where the muri-waala you are eating from throws his newspapers. Once you influence someone to do the right thing, they will also to the sea with others, which starts off a movement of its own. If everyone on the beach road disposed of their waste in dustbins instead of on the sand, the beach would be completely clean. Start teaching, start influencing, and start impacting. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more dustbins on the sand as well.

#4 Use your voice and speak out

Along with going practical, raising awareness and requesting the concerned bodies will also help. If you are a student, offer to talk during your morning assembly. If you are a journalist, you can write articles about this. At the end of the day, none of these identities matter, save one: you are a citizen of this world, and you need to do your part to make sure you are a good one.

Article contributed by M Sruthi Samhita

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