300 Commandos To Be Trained For Disaster Response and Fire Services


We wrote previously how the Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Response and Fire Services department will hold a meeting to address various issues, including the shortage of personnel. Now there’s new in that 300 commandos in the state of Andhra Pradesh will soon be trained by the AP SDRFS department. The battalion that would be formed in six months will be trained for rescue and relief operations in the time of disaster.

Other than the establishment of the commando unit made up of 300 commandoes, the department is looking forward to make the public aware to ensure public participation. Civilians will be trained so they can take an active part in helping out during disasters. Situations during floods, fire mishaps, earthquakes and other natural and man-made disasters will be tackled by the Seva Dals.

NGOs and voluntary organisations will also be trained for quick disaster response. Teams will be trained to rescue people stranded in boats during floods or cyclones. The department will also form special teams to take immediate relief measures in case of a nuclear disaster or chemical and biological accidents. A group of women from Vijayawada have already been trained by them for the same.

Hospitals, schools and apartments are reminded that they are required to take no objection certificates (NOC) from the department in lieu of preventive measures. The taking of NOCs have been made mandatory by both High Court and Supreme Court.

A training centre will be set up on the banks of river Godavari, near Rajamahendravaram. Special equipment and modern equipment will be required for the same. The e-office of the department has been completed and more revolutionary measures will be taken to ensure better services to the people.

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