Fashion plays a major role in defining our personality type. The way we dress talks a lot about who we are. The generation today is very conscious about their fashion and can go to any extent to look their best. Whether it’s surfing the internet for latest trends, looking for deals on their favorite fashion brands or getting a new hair cut – everyone’s looking to be the first to know about the latest fashion trends from around the world and stay ahead of the game. So here a list of 10 fashion trends for men which are expected to be seen all throughout 2017:
Puffed Jackets
Seen trending towards the end of 2016, the Puffed/Quilted Jackets will surely stay for another year. They can already be found in the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection of famous fashion stores like Zara, H&M, etc.
puffed jacket90’s Inspired Track Suits
The trend of Ath-Leisure clothing has been evolving and will be more visible in the market throughout 2017 but with a little 90’s twist. Track suits have recently started getting a lot of popularity with major fashion houses like MSGM, Burberry, etc. putting out tracksuit inspired clothing in collaboration with the classic 90’s brands like FILA, Reebok and Champion.tracksuits, ath-leisure
The Checks Designs
From the Prince of Wales check to the Window Pane, squares have been dominating the designs of major fashion houses. Seen on suits, shirts & trousers, this trend is sure to carryon to next year.chequed design
Baseball Caps
The end of 2016 saw loads of people & celebrity sporting the baseball caps. These caps have also been spotted on the runways of major fashion events. It’s a very versatile piece of wardrobe that can be worn in a casual or Ath-Leisure setting.base ball cap
Fur Jackets
Liked only by a few – the fur jackets are sure to be seen in stores in 2017. Fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry etc, have already released their 2017 collection with many variants of the fur jacket, one of them being the bomber jackets with fur.fur jacket
Military Inspired Clothing & Aesthetics
This outdoor inspired clothing has been seen in late 2016 and is sure to carry forward to 2017. The collection can already be seen in stores like Nike (Military Inspired Air Force One) and H&M (Outdoor Field Jackets).military
Rain Jackets
This piece of rain wear is an essential classic in every man’s wardrobe and is sure seen trending in Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. These rain jackets/over coats have already found their place in the 2017 collection of Zara and H&M.rain jacket
Hair Styles of 2017
This year will no longer see the waves and uppercuts that stormed 2015-16. Instead they’ll be a huge amount of people moving towards fuller haircuts with more volume and layers. No more clippers – only style
Wind Breakers
The classic windbreakers have an 80’s-90’s feel and are cool piece of wardrobe to spike up your casual look. While some don’t consider it an essential, the jacket is a must-have for anyone pursuing an active lifestyle.wind breaker

Stubble Beard Styles of 2017
The big-bushy beard trend of 2016 has hit its peak. What we now see in movies and on the runways are people sporting a more shaved down beard and rocking the stubble. 2017 will see people with more trimmed down and well kept beards as opposed to the big bushy ones.beard

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