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sangeet dress
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Are you ready to indulge in the fun, laughter, and food in the fun-filled Sangeet ceremony? Fix the date for this actual celebration for your friend, sister and have guaranteed fun with other relatives and friends to the couple. Sangeet has no limitation to the style that you want to portray and it is a time to get your style and all the moves that you have learned that year. As a favorite event that everyone loves to attend. The attire of the day should go along with the buzz in the air and one that allows you to dance along with everyone else. Although the Sangeet has a more fun-filled aura compared to the other pre-wedding ceremonies. Spare some fun for the other ceremonies before the wedding and after too. Here are some of the things that will help you know what is the best sangeet dress.

Understand what the occasion is about 

This is an important factor especially for the non-Indians and those that are experiencing their first Sangeet. Although it is quite a challenge to find a perfect outfit to twirl around in. To those who are familiar checking what the invitation says is the best way to know what type of a Sangeet ceremony it is. For instance, there are Mehendi-Sangeet ceremonies where the Mehendi is done during the day and Sangeet at night, cocktail-themed Sangeet, or a traditional Gujarat. Ask if there is a theme to follow and know if there are any of your relatives that are attending to help you choose your outfit.  For instance, a crop top Lehenga dress is descent and you can choose a number that helps you move with ease.

The Sangeet colour


Everyone wants to get noticed in a Sangeet ceremony but not for the wrong reasons. The sangeet dress that you choose depends on if there is a religious function beforehand. This will help you choose dark colors like some maroons and blue that are right for the event. When it is time to get your Garba on for the party. The festive colors that are all bright will not disappoint. Also depending on the fun that you have with your friends. Consider what you choose to wear like whites in case one of your friends gets messy with the champagne bottle. Pastel colors and those that have delicate work done on them might restrain you from having a fabulous choice for fear of damaging them.

Should you wear a Saree or not?

A sangeet dress is best when it is glamorous and comfortable. A saree is a good choice but it may not favor the occasion if you are performing during the Sangeet. Also if you are planning to dance the whole night. This is because the saree needs a lot of management to keep it in place and constant checking if it is looking flawless and in place is bothersome. However, it can still win as the Sangeet dress especially if you are not a heavy drinker. Plus, it is best if you are used to wearing it comfortably to many Sangeet parties and you are not a fierce dancer. Thus, when you choose to wear a Saree ensure it is well tied and pinned to enjoy having it on.

Know if you are performing

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There is a stage in every Sangeet party. And it is a place where the bride and groom show off their moves. Also, little children, mothers, cousins, and aunties and uncles. Everyone has a chance to dance on this stage if the Sangeet is well coordinated. Hence, if you are among the main performers ensure your look does not disappoint. Make sure it is eye-catching and gorgeous for you will get in front of people. With the many eligible men and women on this occasion get your move on and dance away. Choose a Lehenga, Sharara, Anarkali that adds grace to your dance during your performance.

The choice of make up 

The make-up you choose to apply on your Sangeet matters a lot to blend in with your look. Whether you are the bright and bold type or the simple and sweet. Make sure the makeup coordinates with your Sangeet outfit well. Minimum make up is best for a bold statement outfit and vice versa. Although makeup is more of a personal style remember the Sangeet is a night of dancing and you do not want the makeup to get smudged. Fortunately, there is waterproof makeup and a bit of blush make your cheeks pop looking all rosy. Choose a good matte lipstick or gloss to blend through the outfit perfectly.

The perfect accessories 

Accessories add the cherry on top of any outfit. The perfect accessories for this are accessories that will allow you to dance without any limitation whatsoever. Choose simple and minimal jewelry for this and if possible avoid dangling pieces that can fall off with ease. The advantage of jewelry is even two pieces will add the necessary pop that you want. Some good examples are shiny studded earrings, a nose ring and a few one hand bangles are enough to match with a Sangeet outfit. The accessories should also create a balanced look for your ensemble by ensuring it complements the color and style of the attire.

Are you making a statement? 

To stun in a Sangeet ceremony your attire should make a statement. Either it is a kaftan saree, Anarkali, harness dupattas, just rock on it. When you are all set with the outfit pick and hair and make-up styles it is time to turn up and enjoy the celebrations with the couple. Your dance moves, smile and the way you socialize are a style statement in itself. If you choose a Lehenga pair it well with beautiful footwork. However, many traditional pieces are befitting for this occasion and other indo-western looks that are trending as well. For instance, Dhoti sarees, pant saree, crop top and skirt, and Sharara jumpsuit look chic and party-ready.

Author’s Name: Shrutika Potwar

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