10 Things to do to bring back romance in Visakhapatnam

Image Credits- Sunray Resort

The falling temperature and the chills call for warm hugs and romance. The waves on the shore and smiling people passing by. Visakhapatnam is made for romance. No questions asked here. Romeos and Juliets in you can hop out of your urban skins and enjoy the best that Visakhapatnam has to offer. No better time than now, so why wait? Read this together, chose your favorites and start making plans. Here are 10 things to do to make the most of the season for romance.

1) Have a candle light dinner by the Beach.

Where – Aqua or The Shack @The Park.

Yo Vizag Recommends – Book a table for your loved one in advance because this is a popular choice among couples for romance in dining out.

2) A Cozy Movie Night.  Always a Good Idea.

Where – @Home Sweet Home, where else!?!

Yo Vizag Recommends – Make a big bucket of popcorn and order your favourite take-away food. Don’t leave home. Watch your absolute favorite movie and choose cheesy romantic movies. Definitely of the best of 10 things to do.

3) Go Outdoors for A Forest Retreat

(pic credit – tripadvisor.in)

Where – Tree House @Tyda

Yo vizag Recommends – Make bookings in advance and enjoy the lush greenery all around. While there shuffle over to Araku delights and do trek if you fancy.

4) Rejuvenate with A Couple Massage.

Where – O2 @The Gateway Hotel.

Yo Vizag Recommends  – The deep tissue massage. It refreshes and rejuvenates you and leaves you feeling wonderful. Go for it, totally!!

5) Wine and Dine. Cocktails for Two.

Where  – Vue @Novotel

Yo Vizag Recommends – The Pina Colada is the absolute best here and try the appetizers to go with it. Say cheers with your dear.

6) Skip Main course. Have Dessert for Dinner.

Where – Cafes and Ice-cream Joints Around Town.

Yo Vizag Recommends – Creme Brulee @Double Roti, Baked Alaska @GrandBay, Red Velvet and Macaroons @Elepe Patisserie

7) Get Aventurous, Go Kayaking.

Where – Mangamaripeta

Yo Vizag Recommends – Have a word with the people before you head there. Do it under the guidance of the professionals for a safe and delightful experience.

8) Hold Hands While You Enjoy A Boat Ride.

(image credit – tripadvisor.in)

Where – Kondakarla Ava

Yo Vizag Recommends – Make memories here, so take your camera along.

9) Together on A Long Drive and Have Yummy Maggi.

(Image credit – Huffington Post)

Where – Symbi Maggi @IT SEZ

Yo Vizag Recommends – Try the chicken maggi here and enjoy the drive with a super romantic playlist for keeping the mood up.

10) Set-off for A Short Weekend Getaway

Where – Novotel @Bheemili

Yo Vizag Recommends – Go for it if you want to go out of town, but not very far away from the hustle and the bustle.

So no waiting, make haste and make plans ready. Make a list of your favourites from these fun things to do and go ahead. Reconnect with your soul mate and above all have loads of fun.

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