The Writers’ Rescue Centre for all the budding writers in Vizag

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Nikhil Chandwani, founder of The Writers’ Rescue Centre initiative, visited the city recently for the inauguration of the Vizag chapter and to meet the writers in the city. Teja Kovvali interacts with the author, who fell in love with Vizag.

The Seed

“As most of the students in India would do, I too ended up joining an Engineering college after high school. However, I couldn’t fit into the environment there and soon realised that writing was the only thing that I was good at. Eventually, I dropped out of college during the first year and it was during this period that I published my debut book.”

The Lead up

“While working as a faculty at a University, I first felt the need for a drastic change that has to happen in the Indian Education system. As I was mooting about what could possibly bring about a positive change, I came across the Gurukul system, in which an individual would dedicate time round-the-clock to mentor another individual. This was what inspired me to start The Writers’ Rescue Centre.”

The Outcome

“Even though the idea of starting The Writers’ Rescue Centre first sparked off in 2015, we officially launched in September last year. The Centre not only connects writers but has also turned into a perfect platform for many depressed and frustrated individuals wanting to narrate their stories to the world. Over the years, we have associated with approximately 150 writers across the country and have been successful in helping them achieve their dreams.”

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