Forbes reveals world’s most reputable companies 2018 by the Reputation Institute

most reputable companies

An annual study by the Reputation Institute has revealed the world’s most reputable companies for 2018. The Global RepTrak 100 studied the corporate reputation of companies across the globe before ranking the top 100 reputable companies in the world.

The study was conducted by surveying around 2,30,000 in individuals in 15 countries across the globe from January to February 2018. All the companies considered were required to have revenue in excess of $50 billion, a presence in all the surveyed countries and brand familiarity with at least 40% of general population, Forbes said.

While Korean based Samsung rose up 44 spots to bag the 26th rank this year, tech-giant Apple fell to 58th position from 20th position last year. Poor sales of iPhone X is being suggested as the reason for the company’s fall in the rankings.

Below are the top 10 most reputable companies in the world:

#1 Rolex

The Swiss Luxury Watchmaker continued to remain as the world’s most reputable company with a score of 79.3.

#2 Lego

Denmark based Lego, mostly popular for its toys, came second in the list with a score of 77.9

#3 Google

The US-based tech-giant, Google, with a score of 77.7, was declared as the third most reputable company.

#4 Canon

Canon, the Japan-based company which specializes in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, was awarded a score of 77.4.

#5 The Walt Disney Company

The multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate, headquartered in California, bagged the fifth spot with a score of 77.4.

#6 Sony

Japan-based electronics giant Sony stood sixth on the list of the world’s most reputable companies. It was given a score a 77.3.

#7 Adidas

German company Adidas, with a score of 76.6, proved to be the seventh most reputable company in the world.

#8 Bosch

Electronics and Engineering company Bosch, based in Germany, with a score of 76.4, dropped down two places from last year’s rankings.

#9 BMW Group

German automobile giant BMW stood ninth on the list with a score of 76.1.

#10 Microsoft

Tech-giant Microsoft, based in the USA, was declared as the world’s tenth most reputable company with a score of 75.8.

In addition to these, several other companies, such as Carlsberg, Intel, and Kellogg, too expressed their happiness over being recognized in the list of the world’s most reputable companies.

Carlsberg Group on Twitter

We are pleased to be among the @Reputation_Inst Top 100 Most Reputable Companies in the world! #RepTrak100 uncovers the world’s most reputable companies in #innovation #governance #sustainability #leadership & more:

Intel News on Twitter

We’re honored to be recognized as one of the 15 most reputable companies in the world by @Forbes & @reputation_inst Global RepTrak 100

Kellogg Company on Twitter

Honored to be recognized by @Reputation_Inst ‘s Top 100 of companies with the best reputation! #RepTrak

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