‘Subhadra Vahini’ launched in Visakhapatnam for women’s safer train journey

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Vizag Railway Station

With the Waltair Divison of East Coast Railway (ECoR) introducing the Subhadra Vahini at the Visakhapatnam Railway Station, women can count on safer a train journey while traveling alone.

32 railway personnel constituting of 16 from the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and 16 from the commercial wing of the division, Subhadra Vahini, is a first-of-its-kind all-female group.

Subhadra Vahini is formed in Visakhapatnam to ensure the safety of women who travel by train especially during peak seasons like summer holidays and festivals when the rush of the passengers is heavy.

The group would work actively to prevent any kind of crimes against the women both at the platforms and in trains.

Waltair divisional railway manager, MS Mathur said, “The motto of the Subhadra Vahini group is to boost security for women passengers and preventing crimes on both platforms and on trains. The group members will keep an eye out for miscreants and will promptly attend to the grievances of passengers.”

“Some women passengers hesitate to inform male security personnel about their problems. In such cases, the Vahini team will act promptly by interacting with them and will address their grievances on the spot. It is for the first time that women ticket checking staff are also deployed to handle penalties or commercial issues if any,” Mathur added.

Speaking to TOI, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner,  Jitendra Srivastava, said that they receive complaints regarding eve-teasing during train journey and complaints against women safety through the social platforms like Twitter and through 182 helpline number.

Also, Jitendra said, ” With the introduction of the Vahini group, security of women has been strengthened as commercial wing staff like ticket checking staff will also join us to prevent the crimes on trains and at platforms.”

A unique dress code has been provided so that anyone for help can easily identify the Subhadra Vahini team.

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Visakhapatnam Railways launched ‘Subhadra Vahini’, a special team of women security personnel from Railway Protection Force & commercial Dept, with an aim to assist lady passengers subjected to inconveniences, who can now seek assistance by calling toll free no 182. (11.06.18)

To lodge complaints, one can WhatsApp to 8978080777 or call toll-free number 182.

Credits: Times of India

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