Women Power! Is it being misused?


India always tops the charts for various reasons. Credit for recent entry goes to Indian wives who beat their husbands black and blue. According to UN crime statistics, Egyptian women ranked first in the world for abusing and beating their husbands. Apparently, India ranked third in the race. Thanks to all such women for taking women power to the next level by abusing innocent men, but sometimes maybe not!

Egypt ranked first followed by UK. The data, obtained from the Egyptian Family Court, shows that 66% of wives who abuse and beat their husbands apply for divorce in the Family Court.
Husbands who suffer abuse often have no another way to defend themselves from the violence except by suing their wives, with cases reaching 6,000.

The data further reveals that wives don’t only use their hands in beating their husbands, but also tools such as pins, belts, weapons, kitchen tools and shoes. There is emotional, mental and physical abuse. Some even using sleeping pills in order to beat and burn their husbands.

There seems to be a strong notion in society that men are always abusers and women are always the victim. But, women seem to be doing domestic violence right and in the face! Is the term ‘Girl Power’ going overboard and being misused?

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