Another Women’s Police Station To Be Set Up, In City Outskirts

women's police station

Safety of women is a topic that seems to be a part of almost every conversation that takes place these days. It is rare when a group of women congregate, that at least one of them hasn’t experienced sexual harassment in some form of the other.

Some of them have even gone through domestic abuse and are hesitant to open up about it (despite the noticeable bruises) because, “Ghar ki baatein ghar mein rehni chahiye.” Those going through mental harassment (a very undervalued and downplayed, yet very real form of harassment) at home don’t even have noticable buises that their loved ones can see and sympathise with.

While we have a women’s police station set up in Suryabagh for this very purpose –  a station dedicated to help women – the fact that women from rural areas have to travel far to get there has not gone unnoticed. The city police have reportedly put in a proposal for another to be set up in the city’s outskirts. While the police station here does a laudable job, the city is in desperate need for another one.

Police commissioner T Yoganand has sent in proposals to DGP AP N Sambasiva Rao. If the proposal comes through, a new women’s police station will be set up in Gajuwaka. The present women’s police station has an ACP, a sub-inspector and a staff of 10. The new police station will have the same strength, though a few more members could be added to it. The new station will help with the man power needed to provide better service to these women in need.  

Harassment, domestic abuse, marriage disputes, et al complaints can be lodged at the women’s police station. The station provides counselling to couples and solves marriage disputes.   

For now, complaints can be lodged at

Women’s Police Station Address: 75 Feet Rd, Suryabagh

Helpline: 0891-2561933

Feature Image Credit: the citizen

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