When You Have a Flabby Face

Face is the mirror of the soul. So, if you too are one of those wanting to fight the flab in your facial area, then here’s some good news. Puffy or heavy looking faces may not always have everything to do with fat. Infact, water retention could be the primary reason for this. Such retention is often caused by high intake of sugar and salt based products. Cutting down on these can immediately make your face look thinner and healthier. Keeping yourself hydrated with sufficient amount of water is very important as well! So stop reading right here, and go get yourself a glass of water. More importantly, resume reading when you’ve finished that glass!

If you have noticed the weight gain after you started taking some medicines, then there’s a good chance that these may be to blame. Some medications promote water retention in the body and can either be eliminated or replaced with others. You will need to check with your doctor on the medication that is right for you.

There’s nothing like a good diet, exercise plan and great attitude to help you achieve your goals. Start with facial exercises. If nothing seems to work, getting the advice from professionals can be the right thing to do. Don’t hesitate and most importantly, don’t lose hope.

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