No Pension or Roads for Citizens Who Don’t Vote For TDP

No Pension or Roads for Citizens Who Don't Vote For TDP

One must’ve noticed the statement given by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh & TDP President Chandrababu Naidu doing rounds on social media. Just in case you haven’t, the CM basically stated that no vote for TDP means no pension or roads for you.

Party leaders were asked to demand votes from people, because why not? He stated at a function in Nandyala in Kurnool that people who don’t like this government can have his ‘namaskaram’. After all we are using the pension and rations he is giving, roads he has built, benefitting from schemes he has come up with, so why should citizens not support him politically? What the CM seems to forget that the facilities he has provided has been paid for by the tax payers’ money.

He admonished the party leaders for failing to turn people towards them instead of the YSRCP in certain constituencies. He made it pretty clear that he won’t hesitate to ignore people’s needs if they do not vote for his party. He believes he deserves the votes because he waives loans for farmers, enhanced pensions and brought up several welfare and development programmes.

He also went ahead and accused the opposition of bribing the people into casting votes for them. He stated that even he has the capacity to pay Rs 2000-5000 per person for votes, but for that he would have to loot people 100 times more.

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