VMRDA uploads Integrated Museum Project models for public opinion

vizag beach
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Visakhapatnam Metro Region Development Authority (VMRDA) has uploaded three models of the Integrated Museum as part of the Tourism Project on Vizag beach road on Tuesday.

On the orders of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the officials have uploaded the models to collect the opinions of the public.

According to the models uploaded:

Model 1

The first model presents the integrated museum along with the subway and underground parking facility that can accommodate approximately 1200 two wheelers and 800 cars. Greenery and food spots are also present in the model. Model 1 is worth Rs 100 Crore.

Model 2

The main attraction in model 2 is the presence of an iconic tower, amphitheatre and the parks in the likes of the ones at Chicago and Munich in Germany. Model 2 is worth Rs 50 Crore.

Model 3

Model 3 represents the presence of two foot-over-bridge across the proposed subway. The bridge leads one to the shores of the Vizag beach. Special attractions include reflecting areas which reflect the words from the roof on the ground by sunlight. The integrated museum is digitilised along with the establishment of war machines zone. Model 3 is worth Rs 40 Crore.

The Sea Harrier Aircraft and  3d Naval Aviation museums would be set up at a cost of 20 Crores at a tourism complex in Vizag. The complex would be integrated with the ‘Victory at Sea’ memorial, Rajiv Smriti Bhavan and AU Convention Hall which are close by.

The subway and parking would be accommodating more than1000 cars and two-wheelers each would be constructed near the complex.

The project is deemed to be constructed in an innovative manner and is even expected to feature wall panels and shopping complex among others.

Also, aligning to the parking lot, a huge greenery park would be established.

For voting and more information about the models, click here.

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