Vizag railway station certified ‘good’ by Central Pollution Control Board

vizag railway station pollution
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Vizag railway station has been certified ‘good’ by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The announcement came after a thorough inspection of the railway station was done. This is a part of a nationwide drive covering a number of railway stations across India.

The railway stations were judged on a total of 91 parameters. These included solid waste management, cleaning, green coverage, ISO certification, pollution control measures, waste water management, hazardous waste management, plastic waste management, recycling, CCTV monitoring, biodegradable waste management and passengers’ feedback.

On the basis of these inspection parameters, the railway stations were rated out of 100 points and thereby put into three different categories- good, average and below average. Railway stations with more than 60 points were marked ‘good’, those between 40-50 received ‘average’ while stations with less than 40 points were highlighted as ‘below average’.

Vizag railway station holds the distinction of being only one among five railway stations in the country that have been given the ‘good’ certification for their pollution control. The other four railway stations are Jaipur, Mysuru, Vadodara and Bilaspur. Recently, Vizag railway station was declared the best tourism-friendly railway station in India.

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