Kidnapped In Nigeria

Kidnapped In Nigeria

Visakhapatnam : Not everyday is a green day! As the dark clouds envelop our city, they bring with it some disturbing news.

Mangipudi Sai Srinivas a 44-year-old civil engineer resident of VIP Road area, and his colleague, have been kidnapped in Chibok town in Nigeria. Both are employees in the Dangote cement plant in north central Nigeria.Though the incident took place on Wednesday, it came to light on Thursday morning when the officials of the cement plant informed about the family about the kidnapping.

Sai Srinivas’ family have met Visakhapatnam district collector N Yuvaraj in regards to securing his release. They have been assured that the search operations were going on for the two Indians and that the district administration is also seeking the help of officials in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Let us pray together for them both… and hope that they return home to their families safely.

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