Vizag college life – What really goes on!!


Visakhapatnam has it’s young heart and soul rooted in the denizens of the campuses. The studious one and the silent, the romeo/Juliet or the wall flower the college life is made up of all. Not one can be missed for it’s in the little details that our most cherished college memories are made. Here is a celebration of friendship, ambition, love, heartbreak and life’s lessons learned on campus.


  1. First day, first impression – The very first but not the last public interaction in college is looked at with lot of anticipation and trepidation. Everyone wants to be their coolest, smartest and awesome best. A peacock march for many, a ‘let’s check out the fresh’ for many the first day is a deal breaker. Think freshers!! Think first friendships!! The first day is always remembered long after college is over.
  2. Ragging and bragging – Hushed up and looked down, banned and banished but this custom persists. Seniors think it’s their birth right and juniors are apprehensive. Ragging as a rite of passage exists. While being violent is not cool but breaking into campus life happens like this. Like it or leave it! Not always bad, some of the most jovial camaraderie is established then.
  3. Colorful canteen – Everyone knows, canteen is very little about the food. I mean that is not even a revelation. We go to canteen to check out grab the grub, settle disputes or misunderstandings or develop the understandings we want. A literal human pool of everything youthful. While our devilish thoughts are running riot, we shall not pen them all. I mean we know why we go there.
  4. Hostel highlife – For those who stay in hostels, life is not just more fun but a first step towards hardships of life. Surviving, making friends, enduring bad food, bad timings and bad equations with people. Been there done that, or doing that. However it is!! We make friends in hostels that last for a life and stories to scare folks and younger siblings back home. Now how about that??
  5. Library and marksheets – Studies are a bane to many and boon to many but something inescapable right. Enjoy it or don’t, we all succumb to the pressure. Today’s pressures are nothing compared to yesterdays and the rat race is laying many a good human waste. Library is not being used to study but to take notes. Not just notes, much more. Read between the lines. It all adds up in our college life score card.
  6. Love and other chemical equations – A time to test the trysts of love, no doubt every campus has it’s own romeo juliets, heer ranhjas and majnu lailas but guys c’mon lets chill. Not a big deal and nothing new. It happens everywhere, with everyone and for others a gossip and time pass. Stories of make ups and break ups are the mainstay of campus gossip and that is as common place as exams.
  7. Rules and rebellion – What is campus life without a little rebellion against the system? Reminds us of the song ‘ break the rules’. Break some, keep some but enjoy college without jeopardizing life. Rebel for a cause is what college goers do and that is how so many changes in the system have happened. A sure sign of a spirited crowd.
  8. Bunking, attending college, not class – Let us put it this way, we like to be free once in a while and the time may not be very good but we do it anyways. A crowd of good friends, thrill of being discovered and the innocent pleasures of youth. Makes you wish the days would never get over. So much to do here – movies, gossip, long drives, bike rides etc.
  9. Culturals and campus stuff – Every college has it’s own cultural and an occasion wherein interaction with people of other colleges is possible. A time to make merry and mayhem, culturals always add the wow factor to campus life and students look for it. A norm nowadays for what good college doesn’t have it’s own fest. A time to brag and bag fun, meet up, interact and lots more.
  10. Leaving and letting go – It is a hard time passing out for the hard life begins. College however it may be is fun under the sun. The life ahead unknown and dangerous. Savour while it lasts. The pain today is a gain of friends and memories for life.

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