6 beautiful roads to ride over in Vizag

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Vizag has always been in the limelight as a clean city not just in the state but also among the list of clean cities in the country. One of the main points the tourists mention is about the clean and beautiful roads located in different parts of the city. Thanks to the GVMC workers who work long to keep the roads clean and here we present to you the list of some of the beautiful roads in Vizag city.

#1 Siripuram road

Termed to be one of the busiest roads in the city for the chain of clothing and jewellery stores, Siripuram road is known for the modern buildings, city lights and the Siripuram circle filled with plants and a fountain.

#2 Andhra University road

Running through the prestigious University in Vizag, the Andhra University road is known for the trees located through the stretch. The road also connects important locations outside the University making it easy for travelling.

#3 Mudasarlova road

Connecting people from Hanumanthawaka to Simhachalam, the Mudasarlova Road is best known for its picturesque view with hills on both the sides. The vast roads spread for a long stretch consist of hospitals and the famous Mudasarlova Reservoir along the journey.

#4 Bheemili Road

Mostly known for long drives, the Bheemili road stretches along the coastline of Visakhapatnam. The long stretch towards Bheemili glory’s one with an amazing view of the beach and hilltops.

#5 Port Road

One of the most important connectivity roads in the city, the Port Road helps the travellers in saving time to reach the city or the airport. The roads stretch long and are maintained clean even though used throughout the day.

#6 Beach Road

No wonder why people of Vizag and also the tourists love to vile away their time on the beach roads of Vizag. With famous star hotels, museums, temples, parks aligning on one side and the coast of Vizag aligning on the other side, the beach road is lit 24/7 and especially during special occasions with decorative lights.

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