Must do secret beach vacations right here in Visakhapatnam

vizag beach

Tucked away between the hills, away from the maddening cacophony of the city, lies Vizag Beach – Yarada, a pristine, safe and enchanting beach, hidden just behind the ‘Dolphin’s Nose’ hill. The waters here are shallow making it ideal for kids and adults alike to frolic in the waters… An excellent choice for beach getaways.  (Though due caution is advised in any water body). The beach is literally in a bowl, with hills on three sides and the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal on the fourth side. Furthermore, it is physically separated by the port channel from the city. There are two approaches to this beach, one via road and the other, an older route, with a bit of fun and adventure, for trekkers.

The old natural route to Vizag Beach Yarada combines elements of adventure, trekking and a ferry ride. The ferry ride is across the port channel which leads to a narrow pathway snaking upward, amidst lush green of Dolphin Hill. From the top of the hill, just behind, a spectacular view awaits. Framed on three sides by verdant green hills and the blue sea waters on the fourth side, this golden sun kissed beach is a delight to behold.

The alternate easier route by road is a 15 km ride along a ghat road with dotted with many impressive view-points showcasing varied vistas en-route with carpets of green and colourful flowers, the bending coast line and dramatic aerial views of the bustling city. A must do among beach getaways of Vizag.

Near the beach, there are a few points worth checking out… a quaint Sagar Durga temple, a Dargah, the lighthouse and the radar station of the cyclone warning centre. The best view from the Yarada Beach Vizag is early in the morning, the awe-inspiring picturesque sunrise. There are small eateries on the beachside, but it might be prudent to carry water and snacks along…although, a private party, Agrigold has set up a restaurant in the proximity of the beach.

The beach itself is still unspoilt and thankfully not yet littered with tourist remnants. If you ask it would be one of the prettiest in the beach getaways list and for us it is right where we are. Why wait?

P.S – And hopefully, every tourist or picnicker visiting this immaculate beach will remember their civic sense and keep it so.

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