Vizag Airport Ranked 20th Best

Visakhapatnam Airport, press note
Vizag Airport

Vizag Airport was ranked the 20th best in the country out of the 53 airports run by the Airports Authority of India in the country. In a customer satisfaction survey conducted for the January – June 2016 time period, Visakhapatnam ranked first in Andhra Pradesh. The survey was conducted on a five-point scale, factoring in 33 amenities such as ease of transportation, availability of ATMs and parking, staff efficiency, cleanliness, etc. Visakhapatnam Airport scored 4.39 out of 5. Cleanliness, availability of food, comfort and customs were where the airport was found to be lacking.

Chandigar topped the list with a score of 4.85, followed Raipur and Udaipur while Agatti airport in Lakshadweep was ranked last. Visakhapatnam Airport was ranked 14 out of 49 in a similar survey conducted for the July – December 2015 time period.    

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