Visakhapatnam has a Wishlist ready!! Here it is….


We love Visakhapatnam the most but our heart longs for some more. Here is a wishlist put together with much love and carefully documented inputs from our readers. Can these wishes come true please?
A city of many superlative adjectives and all of them positive, Visakhapatnam is, was and always will be our first love. We have seen it grow and prosper and like a member of this one big happy family, we would like to see the upward trend continue. So here is what people of Visakhapatnam are wishing for, based on all that our readers have shared. Here’s the wishlist.

  1. Litter-free living spaces – Vizag has the distinction of being the third cleanest city in India and we couldn’t be more proud about this. However, there are still many zones whose beauty gets marred by the careless attitude of people. Disposing waste, defacing public property, and more makes us wish this would stop.
  2. Vizag Ferris Wheel – With its scenic beauty, we can’t seem to get enough viewpoints here. A huge Ferris wheel that gives unbeatable views of the city is what we desire. Just the sheer imagination of it atop Kailasagiri gives us sheer joy.
  3. No Traffic Tantrums – A sure sign of increasing prosperity as well as trouble is the number of vehicles on the roads of our city. Cars vying for space, two wheelers jamming cramped spaces and the erratic movements of public transport have become a common sight. We sure wish for a more organized and civilized traffic format and promise to cooperate with the authorities.
  4. Close drains to finish pains – For a city as clean as ours, residential areas with beautiful houses and ugly, open drains around is a sorry sight. Not only aesthetically atrocious, these drains open up the proverbial can of possible diseases, pest problems and are also death-traps. How difficult is the solution, we can’t help but wonder. One thing we do not want in our clean and beautiful city.
  5. No body-count Beach, please – Vizag prays for a beach that can and should be enjoyed safely. So this is an appeal to the people to be responsible and educated of the dangers. Also, one for the authorities to go an extra mile. More lifeguards, more warning signs, public announcements for tide and current movements etc. Let’s rock our beach, not lose ourselves there. Image result for life guards at vizag
  6. Trendy street shopping – Any city worth its local and tourist salt has zones for street shopping. A dedicated area to compete with the likes of Sarojini Nagar in Delhi or Colaba Causeway in Mumbai should happen here. A place where people of all pocket sizes can explore, window shop and bargain. A street lined up with colourful wares, clothes, books, artefacts and handicrafts. Now that would be a sight to see, wouldn’t it?
  7. Art Festival on an epic scale please –  Vizag is not just about the places to see and click photographs, there is so much art, culture and inherent history that it has to offer. Local dance, music, fine art, craftsmanship and treasures of the loom have huge potential. Though the Tourism Department has done a lot, what would give the edge and outreach will be a cultural fest of carnival size. People of all parts of India and the world could come here and witness our rich heritage and cultural josh.

    Image result for art festival kala ghoda
    Source – Hindustan Times
  8. Shacks and more on shore – Far thinking and optimism lead us to think there is a possibility of having a livelier and brisk shoreline. If other parts of coastal India can have shacks and flea markets and carnivals on the beach then why can’t we? Think of hanging out on the shore in cozy shacks that serve you goodies with water sports avenues close by. Add in live music and what you have is a sun, sand, sea and heaven in a package.
  9. Open-kitchens for the common man– If you can, you should. Prosperity has blessed our city and its people capable of reaching out to those less privileged. Food is still a worry for many and children on streets are going hungry. Open kitchens where volunteers cook for those who can’t seems a good idea. However basic the food may be, feeding someone a nutritious plate of hot food goes a longer way than throwing a coin.

    Related image
    source – Al Jazeera
  10. Humane shelters for strays – A nuisance to many and a danger sometimes, stray animals have raised eyebrows, concerns and efforts. Pets abandoned and unloved, pariah dogs, cattle turned out of farms etc clog our streets and block our way. Municipality efforts however much executed still fall short compared to the numbers on the streets. Samaritans in our city have extended a helping hand and many are quietly working for humanity towards the animals. We definitely wish to see the list of such people and facilities growing.

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